Way Kambas Video Trap

Enjoy the Way Kambas National Park endangered mega fauna and other rare wildlife species caught in video. Find mother and baby of Sumatran rhino, challenging young male Sumatran tiger, big family of Sumatran elephant, funny Malayan sun-bear and curious Malayan tapir.

Way Kambas: The Best Asian Night Birding

It was written by Janos Olah & Attila Simay in Birding Asia magazine, on 2007. Not only the great variety of the otherwise scarce and hard to-come-by species is what makes this national park world-famous, but also the relative ease in finding them. No other place in sumatra that has 4 species of Frogmouth.
ALeRT Indonesia is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established in 2009 in Way Kambas, Labuhan Ratu, Lampung Timur, Lampung Province, Indonesia. ALeRT is an acronym for Aliansi Lestari Rimba Terpadu, or in english is The Alliance of Forest Integrated Conservation.

ALeRT Indonesia was established with the status of legal entity Perkumpulan (association), instead of a Yayasan (foundation). In Perkumpulan, all members of the organization have the same voice. In contrast to the Foundation that are all about the Foundation’s ways is determined only by an entity called the Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Aim of ALeRT is to strengthen and promote nature conservation actions to accomplish justice and prosperity in the Earth for generation of today and future. 


This is the logo of ALeRT Indonesia. The reddish land of earth globe and an 'atmospheric' green ribbon with acronym of ALeRT both in Bahasa Indonesia and English. The reddish color of the earth's land signifies alert! Beware of the earth that constantly exploited excessively by human being, causing the earth’s increasingly unhealthy, makes the color change. The color become reddish, become "hotter" and toward destruction. Earth will be destroyed if all of the people on earth do not change the mindset and activities to become more affectionate to the earth. Mankind should more preserve this earth and stop destroy greedily as if the earth would still be just fine.

But the green 'atmosphere' surrounding globe is meaning HOPE. There are still the hopes to save and care the earth to be more comfortable and not to be the worse place to live for human beings and other creatures. That are with improvement mindset, lifestyle and activities. More green and environmentally friendly actions need to be done as much as possible by mankind; the more the better and the quicker; with integration works for maintain, protect and multiply; expanding forests on earth. Because only a nature green and healthy forests with all life in it, from microorganisms, insects, and animals on land and in the air, all the trees from moss to giant trees, must remain there to sustain a decent living earth. Natural forest is a forest that will preserve the earth remains comfortably inhabited by all beings in it.

For that ALeRT Indonesia present on this planet, to get together with other human groups and individuals immediately to work hard to maintain the natural forests, especially in Indonesia. Because Indonesia has a tropical rainforest that is vital as a 'soul' of the healthy earth life. Soul for Mother Earth.

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