Way Kambas Video Trap

Enjoy the Way Kambas National Park endangered mega fauna and other rare wildlife species caught in video. Find mother and baby of Sumatran rhino, challenging young male Sumatran tiger, big family of Sumatran elephant, funny Malayan sun-bear and curious Malayan tapir.

Way Kambas: The Best Asian Night Birding

It was written by Janos Olah & Attila Simay in Birding Asia magazine, on 2007. Not only the great variety of the otherwise scarce and hard to-come-by species is what makes this national park world-famous, but also the relative ease in finding them. No other place in sumatra that has 4 species of Frogmouth.

Monday, July 28, 2014

To meet special bird with their special behavior, require special information and extra preparations. Bellow some tips to increasing the night bird encounter probability in Way Kambas National Park :

• Most of the night bird can be encountered on the main jeep track from Plang Ijo to Way Kanan.
• Dusk and Dawn are the best time for observing the nightjars and scops-owls.
• On 10 pm up to 4.30 am, is the best time for Frogmouths and Oriental Bay Owl.
• It’s better to bring a flash light/torch and turn it on only on the right time (keep a minimum disturbance for the bird). A night bird recorded sound and a mini loud speaker can be used to attract the bird to get near.

Well than, please make sure that any time during your visit to Way Kambas NP, spare some of your time to have a sensational night-birding experience, as our way to appreciate our passion for the biodiversity of Indonesia

Article and photos by Dicky T. Sutanto

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