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Enjoy the Way Kambas National Park endangered mega fauna and other rare wildlife species caught in video. Find mother and baby of Sumatran rhino, challenging young male Sumatran tiger, big family of Sumatran elephant, funny Malayan sun-bear and curious Malayan tapir.

Way Kambas: The Best Asian Night Birding

It was written by Janos Olah & Attila Simay in Birding Asia magazine, on 2007. Not only the great variety of the otherwise scarce and hard to-come-by species is what makes this national park world-famous, but also the relative ease in finding them. No other place in sumatra that has 4 species of Frogmouth.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A new project of Habitat Regeneration, Fire Protection and Elephant Conflict Mitigation, were started on early September 2015. Funded by the United State Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) and also supported by SIES, this project choose a strategic location on “Susukan Baru”, on the middle border of Way Kambas NP.

This project would also benefit on supporting other on going project of reforestation and elephant conflict mitigation, on the south side and north side of the Park. Community involvement with this project mainly to support the villager’s Elephant Guard, employment on reforestation activity, and conservation education.

The opening ceremony of this project were attended by some 30 villagers from 2 villages, 15 WKNP’s ranger, WKNP manager, representative from NGOs and representative from local government institution. The participant than planting trees as starter on this 50 hectares reforestation area.

WKNP’s manager, Mr.Dulhadi was very pleased to start this project, and hope that this could turn the wide degraded forest there, become a better habitat that could benefit the wildlife and the village around it.

Article by Dicky T. Sutanto


Sebuah proyek baru untuk Regenerasi Habitat, Perlindungan Kebakaran dan Mitigasi Konflik Gajah dimulai pada awal September 2015 lalu. Didanai oleh United State Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) dan juga didukung oleh SIES, proyek ini memilih area strategis di Resort Susukan Baru, di batas tengah Taman Nasional Way Kambas.

Proyek ini menguntungkan dalam mendukung proyek reforestasi dan mitigasi konflik gajah yang kerap terjadi di sisi selatan dan utara taman nasional. Keterlibatan masyarakat dalam proyek ini terutama untuk mendukung penjagaan konflik gajah dan masyarakat desa, mendukung tenaga-kerja untuk aktivitas reforestasi, dan pendidikan konservasi.

Acara peresmian proyek ini dihadiri oleh 30 orang warga dari 2 desa, 15 polisi hutan TNWK, Kepala dan pimpinan Balai TNWK, perwakilan dari LSM, dan perwakilan dari institusi pemerintahan local. Para partisipan kemudian menanam pohon-pohon sebagai permulaan di area reforestasi seluas 50 hektar ini.

Kepala Balai TNWK, Bapak Dulhadi sangat senang dengan adanya proyek ini dan berharap hal ini dapat mengubah hutan yang terdegradasi luas menjadi habitat yang lebih baik dan dapat mengurangi konflik satwaliar dan membantu ekonomi desa.

Penulis Dicky T. Sutanto

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