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Enjoy the Way Kambas National Park endangered mega fauna and other rare wildlife species caught in video. Find mother and baby of Sumatran rhino, challenging young male Sumatran tiger, big family of Sumatran elephant, funny Malayan sun-bear and curious Malayan tapir.

Way Kambas: The Best Asian Night Birding

It was written by Janos Olah & Attila Simay in Birding Asia magazine, on 2007. Not only the great variety of the otherwise scarce and hard to-come-by species is what makes this national park world-famous, but also the relative ease in finding them. No other place in sumatra that has 4 species of Frogmouth.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mostly, bird-watchings are best practice in the morning. Since the beginning of the first sunlight, many birds are already starting their activities.

As the sun rising higher on the top of canopies, larger sized of bird start to fly across. In the morning, Eagles, Hornbills, or Storks, seen only having a short slide and flying from tree to tree. As the air warmed by the sun, their feathers become dry, and the hot air stream become some kind of surf -board that helps the bird large body to rise and fly high. They are then, so called as ‘master of the sky’.

But as the sunset down on the west, light out and the air getting colder, it’s turn for the “flying night-predator” to takes over. The limited species number of the night bird and their nocturnal behavior makes them as rare and mysterious creatures. Their ability to hunt in the dark, their odd body shape and sound, many times has halt back people step.  In Indonesia, they are called as “Burung Hantu”, means the ghost bird. Scary thoughts are that entire crossing for those who don’t know how wonderful they are actually.
Article and photo below: Dicky T. Sutanto
Photo above: Marcellus Adi CTR

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